A Busy Weekend

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Since Memorial Day weekend was supposed to be pretty much a washout weather wise I planned lots of creating time.

First I experimented with fabric marbelizing which I tried once before with my friend Sharon. There is lots of prep work for this technique but the results were pretty.

Then I worked with a beautiful cutter quilt given to my sister. She gave me her blessing to do what I thought best with it. This was a double wedding ring pieced and quilted by hand. It had lots of age spots and the batting was deteriorating in some places and wadded up in others. So this is what I did with it:

One extra large tote bag, one large tote bag and twelve coasters or mug rugs. I love these tote bags and hope my sister likes hers (the extra large one on the right). I made them from a pattern I have had for a long time and I am not sure it is even in print anymore but just in case here is the pattern:

Dont let the name fool you. It IS easy as far as construction – no lining or closures BUT the handles and the top of the bag have to be bound like a quilt and since I only do mine by hand that was a lot of hand sewing! I am very happy with it. I made one years ago and still use it as it holds a lot even a full quilt!

And what is a sewing marathon without cards? More going to Windway Gallery on Thursday. Making cards is my happiest creative time.

I hope all of you had a restful Memorial weekend and thank you to those who serve or have served in the military.

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  1. I love the things you made from this quilt. Are you selling them anywhere?

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