A Little Gelli Printing on Fabric Day

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Today I did a little Gelli Printing on fabric. I want to make a second quilt using gelli printed fabrics and I wanted a little more variety than what I have. It honestly takes more time to get out all the stuff and put it away after than it does to actually do the printing. This is a very fast technique and one of my favorite ways to use PAINT on fabric. When I teach a class everyone has multiple prints done in the first half hour.



Here is one easy technique. Put some paint on your plate. Lay down a texture in this case a piece of old (purple!) polyester lace. It did have lots of texture which makes for a good print. Lay down your fabric smooth it with your hands or a brayer and viola! A beautiful lace print fabric.img_0752

Here are all of the fabric prints I ended up with. It took me less than an hour.img_0754

AND as a bonus I used plain manila tags to pick up left over paint. Then I sprayed them with ink and stamped or wrote a short saying on each one. I use them on food or wine or other gifts.

  • img_0755
  • AND a second bonus. I place a piece of sketch pad paper next to my plate and “clean” the paint off my brayer and stencils. If you do not mix the colors too much you get great wrapping paper!

That’s it for today. Thank you for visiting.

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  1. This is really neat. The wrapping paper idea is especially terrific -commercial wrapping paper is expensive and not as pretty as this!

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