A Thread Experiment

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For a while now I have been saving chunks of thread you know bits too big to throw away but too frustrating to use. I just threw them in a bucket and finally got tired of looking at them. I layered them on a piece of water soluble stabilizer, thought they were a little bland, so I added some cut up pieces of gold trim. Then I layered another piece of stabilizer on top and stitched like crazy all over it.

Then I dunked the whole thing in water. To shape it I turned over a wooden box that I use to store brushes. I also used clips to make corners.

And here is how it turned out. A little more free form than I like. My mistake was not using a heavier ¬†water soluble stabilizer as that would have given it more “glue”. Still pretty but I think I will look at it for a while and it will probably get cut up and used in some other form eventually. There is always a reason you make something. Sometimes you just don’t know it yet!


  1. Love it. Always wondered how to make thread “bowls”. Gorgeous…so creative!

    • Vickie and I talk often and longingly about getting back to being creative once our volunteer commitments aren’t so intense. I make assemblage sculptures out of vintage things and found objects, usually “portraits” of friends, but sometimes just observations on life. Get to be creative with exhibits and presentations but not the same as being in a studio alone with your soul and materials, exploring.

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