Card Making Final . . . for now!

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I made a few of my fabric roses for cards. These are made from silk sari strips.

And strategically placed crystals on some of the cards.

Then sorted, priced and delivered cards to Rockport Center for the Arts Gift Shop and Windway Gallery.

I still have more styles to make but I need to take a break and get a few other things done. I could make cards every day if I had the materials and the time. I love every single one of them and can’t wait to make more. There will be more card posts before too long but I need to get caught up on other things in the studio and get ready for “Camp Susie” with my Dallas friends next week.

And don’t forget to visit the History Center this weekend. I am talking about Feedsacks on Saturday at 11 am and 2 pm and Sunday at 2 pm.

Thank you for visiting my site.

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