End Of Year Busy

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I have been cleaning, sorting, editing and rearranging my studio for the last couple of months. I found lots of things that no longer interest me and lots of things that inspired me so it has been time well spent. This beautiful 1951 Singer Featherweight is my new machine acquisition and I had to make room for her. I just love sewing on this machine just pure straight stitching pleasure. I have moved my Insanity baby quilt project over to this machine.

I found these pin cushions I had started and abandoned at some point and finished them.

I decided to make my own Christmas cards this year.

And started a BIG new stack of zipper bags…

And finished this quilt top I started at a retreat two years ago. Loaded and ready to quilt.

And started some slow stitching using scraps of old linens and fabrics. These will become cards.


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  1. Susie…Merry Christmas to you. Love seeing your stuff. I SEW enjoyed seeing your mom at the Guild’s Christmas party…she looked Amazing.

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