Fabric Dyeing – A Full Day!

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I had a wonderful and productive day with my friend Sharon Wasteney. We did fabric dyeing at her house. It sure was fun and I am so happy with the results but I have to tell you I am tired and my back aches. There is lots and lots of water hauling and wringing fabric but when it comes out of the final rinse there is nothing like it! 

First you have to select and thoroughly wet and wring out your fabric. Mine has lots of cut up old linens, hankies, napkins etc. where Sharon is more focused on fabric and manipulating the fabric to make pattern.

Then you just have to work those pretty dyes into the fabric, let them sit, work in the soda ash mixture, then let them sit again.


These are some of our color batches ready for bucket after bucket of rinsing and wringing. They took from two to four rinsing cycles depending on the color. All this was done outside with a garden hose and five gallon buckets.

At this point we were both too busy to take pictures. Then you have to separate them, bag them up and wash each color separately with Synthrapal.And of course iron them.

But look at the result! They are so beautiful. Some of these will be used in my fabric cards, some will be embellishment for projects and of course some will become zipper bags and eyeglass cases. And some of them are so pretty I may just admire them in their current state for a while.

Thank you Sharon. I can’t wait to do it again!

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