Gelli Printing Class Description and Supply List

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This is the most fun you can have with paint and fabric and/or paper. Using a Gelli plate, brayer, paint stencils and everyday items for texture you will be amazed at the beautiful “pulls” you can achieve. Every single time you will get a one of a kind print. You can layer them, draw on them, use them as background or stitch directly on them. It is lots of fun-one of my favorite new things to do.

Supply List: Gelli plate, brayer, craft/hobby/acrylic paint, spray bottle of water, rag, baby wipes. Stencils or items to add texture and design to your work – bubble wrap, plastic canvas, mesh bag pieces, old washers or buttons,old comb, ¬†shapes cut from paper, you get the idea…

Fabric – If you want to print on fabric remember your plate is usually 8 1/2 x 11. You can use larger pieces of fabric but the prints will overlap and it can be quite messy. Muslin, broadcloth, canvas are all good fabric choices.

Paper – Regular copy paper does work but it is quite thin and tears easily. Lightweight inexpensive card stock is my preference. Deli paper is another good choice especially if you like mixed media.

note:Bring plenty of paper and fabric. This method is quick and easy to learn and is quite addictive.


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