Gelli Printing Day

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So Friday a friend and I spent the day Gelli printing. I used both fabric and paper as I like working with both.

These are all fabric prints. The two on the right are metallic paint on black fabric and are my favorite. They will probably become purses or zipper bags. The rest can be used in pillows, cards, zipper bags or no telling what else.

These are on paper – card stock and deli paper. They will become parts of greeting cards or be used in mixed media.

And these are gift tags. When I have paint left on the plate I clean it off with manila shipping tags. Then I layer with ink sprays, stamps and embellishments. I love making them. Quick and fun.


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  1. I like all three. Fabric, card stock, and the tags. All are creative and beautiful——- just like the artist! ❤️

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