Girl Cards

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I had a request for some of my “girl cards”. I truly love making them but they require a mindset all their own. I actually start with the dresses and shoes and fuse them onto fabric. At this point they are just floating clothes.

Then I start thread painting – face, legs, shoe detail, dress detail and my favorite -the hair. This is where the girls get their personality.

Next I add words and sew them into a card.

I add decorative paper to the inside to cover my stitching, stamp my name on the back, add an envelope and sleeve and they are ready to go. Most of these were for a special order. I can’t wait to make more!


  1. Susie! I love these cards!!! So unique. I’m not down there right now, but where will you be selling them! I want to purchase some!

  2. Such fun to see the girls come to life!

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