Improv Quilt Workshop Description and Supply List

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Although I certainly enjoy making quilts from patterns nothing has stirred my creative juices like improv or making my own design from something that talks to me. Although this is not everyone’s cup of tea, there is a certain technique involved in putting like things together and getting a pleasing result. It is always fun to see what other people bring to this class and almost always it is something that holds a memory for them and after all isn’t that the best part of quilt making? Taking something out of a drawer or chest or attic and working it into something beautiful you can enjoy. This is my favorite part of creating with fabric and I am always happy when I pass the improv bug onto someone else!

In this class I will show you how to start with a few focal points and scatter them on a design wall then how to make complimentary blocks and sections that make the pieces all fit together. Improv simply means that you are working from your vision and not following someone else’s pattern. You will be surprised how intuitive this process is not to mention how much fun!

This can be a three hour or six hour workshop.

Supply List: Basic sewing and cutting supplies and sewing machine are required. You will need three to five “focal items”. These can be old or new embroidery, abandoned quilt blocks, old clothes that you are willing to cut up, photos printed on fabric, you get the idea-something to build your piece around. You can embellish with old lace, trim, parts of old linens, buttons, badges. If you will be using hankies, neckties or any fabric that is very thin you will need some knit interfacing for backing. You will need to make “filler blocks or filler fabric”. Lots of the class time will be making these blocks. You will need 6-8 fabrics- fat quarters or large scraps will be fine. Most of the blocks involve 4 – 6 squares about 8″ . For “making fabric” any size scraps will do. Think about the color and feel of your piece ( your vision) as you are choosing your fabrics.

The most important thing with improv is to have a good time and enjoy working with things you love. It is awesome to see things come out of the drawer and into a useful item. Your piece could be a quilt or a wall hanging or a piece to form on canvas as a painting.

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