INSANITY QUILT! And Little Things

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When I visited my friends at the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild Retreat a couple of weeks ago several of them were working on/planning to make a simple patch quilt usually using 2 1/2” squares. They called it an “Insanity Quilt” I guess because you have to be a little crazy to make one. When I got home I started cutting 2 1/2” squares and decided (as per usual) to change it up a bit and do a Multi Size  Insanity Quilt starting at the top with 1 1/2” squares and going to either 3” or 3 1/2” I haven’t decided yet. So I have been happily cutting and sorting squares and sewing them together.  I have to say I guess I am officially “insane” as I am loving the process – the remembering the quilts I have made by using the scraps, the exchange of squares with friends and the beauty of the simplicity of this design. This quilt is square after square sewed together hopefully with precision!

Here is my cutting station. Note that I have lots of 1 1/2” squares as I cut them all the time. Not so many of the other sizes. That’s what I am working on.

The picture on the left shows sewing a row (57) of 1 1/2” squares and yes I pin every single seam.

On the right is a couple of rows of 1 1/2” squares attached to two rows of 2” squares. Lots more to do of both sizes.

And here is a couple of shots of the 2 1/2” squares meeting up with the 3”. Lots to do here to although it goes much faster than the smaller sizes.

Even though I would love to concentrate on my Insanity Quilt I have other things going on. I am writing up my Little Things Class which will debut at Quilters Patch in Victoria on June 13th (contact Quilters Patch if you want to sign up). There is lots of prep involved in a class especially for the first time as the handouts and instructions and samples all have to be done. I will be teaching this class at Golden Needles in Rockport this summer. It showcases gift ideas (potholders, mug rugs, luggage tags, etc) and how to make them. I can also do small groups for this class so contact me if you are interested.




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