Learning Curve

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So I have been experimenting with paper cards. My skills in that department are minimal at best but I am getting better and gaining confidence. The top left is simple stamping and embossing. The top right group is Gelli printed fabric which has been “embellished” and the bottom group of cards are made from paper cocktail napkins, separated glued Nd glittered onto cardstock. They are pretty but a lot of work. Now I need to experiment with mixing fabric and paper.


I made this zipper bag from a scrap and a piece of cork. It is big enough to hold my I pad and chargers for travel.

And I am always kicking it up a notch with my zipper bags. These have been ice dyed or Gelli printed except for the tiny pieces on the colorful one on the right.

And this is what I need to be working on. These plus blocks are part of my Insanity IV quilt.


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