Little Note Pads – A Quick and Easy Tutorial

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Arent these the cutest? They make a quick,thoughtful gift and all they require is paper, thread, and a sewing machine. Here’s a quick tutorial:

First pick some cute decorative paper or card stock. You can cut any size but I think I started with 6 1/2” x 8 1/2”.

Next cut some regular copy paper or any paper of your choice about 1” smaller both in height and width. I used 7 layers.

Take all of the layers to your sewing machine. Sew through all down the “spine” of the notebook with a zig zag stitch using the thread of your choice.

Then cut out any embellishment (paper or fabric) and stitch on the “cover” or top of your notebook.

And you are done! A quick and easy gift. Make lots your friends will love them!

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