Mini tutorial for quick zipper bag

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You need: Two pieces of fabric 8 x 10 for the outside, two pieces 8 x 10 for the lining, two pieces of flannel 8 x 10, one zipper 9″ or longer, and one zipper pull.

Take the two top fabrics, place the flannel underneath and “quilt” or stitch them together. I used straight stitching horizontally.

This is the only tricky part. First stitch across the end of your zipper about 1/2″ from the width of your bag. In this case about 8 1/2″. Then cut and discard the rest of the zipper. Place a lining piece right side up, your zipper right side up and your top right side down. Sew 1/4″ away from edge using a zipper foot. Press then topstitch close to the edge of the top by the zipper. Repeat the process for the other side.

Open the zipper a little more than halfway. Open out the bag and place right sides together. Stitch all around reinforcing the corners and leaving an opening at the bottom of the lining side. 

Turn your bag right side out. Smooth out the corners and give everything a good press. Close up the hole in the lining before you tuck it into the bag.

Add a zipper pull and you are done.

You can make these any size just cut your lining and your bag pieces the same size and adjust your zipper length. The one above was made from two old napkins.

And a couple more for inspiration. The one on the left is made from an embroidery piece and is quite a bit larger. The green printed one is GELLI printed fabric.

Give it a try. It honestly takes longer to quilt the bag pieces than to sew it up. I am totally hooked on these!

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