More Zipper Bags, Etc…

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These are some of the bags I created this weekend. The front two are made from dyed napkins, the second two from gelatin printed fabric and the black and white check from quilters cotton. I have a bunch more cut out but they have a way of walking out without a picture if I have a friend visiting.

And  I started this easy quilt to showcase some favorite fabric which is no longer in production. I showed the ruler in case you want to make one yourself. The ruler and fabric is all you need-no pattern. Just alternate the up and down of your plates. I think I will add one more row then make some fun borders. I will update you when the mood strikes to work on this again.

And yes since 4th of July is over I am starting to think Halloween. I think most artists and crafters (and retailers) always work one season ahead.

And while I was making zipper bags I decided I “need” a selvage zipper bag so I pulled out a batch. I will follow up with a photo when finished. It is good for me to post what I haven’t finished as you keep me motivated. Thank you!

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