Sewing Time!

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I started with making some potholders. These were just fall fabrics I really liked so I made potholders out of scraps.


Then I started quilting this top I made about two weeks ago. I got it finished today and will post when it is bound and complete.

Then I had these beautiful leaf strips which I am turning into made fabric blocks and testing an Improv layout on the design wall. Still a work in progress.

And of course I had to make a few zipper bags. One is linen fabric, one is barkcloth (from the 1940’s) one is selvages and one is my painted fabric. I love them all.

  • And finally I made myself three cell phone holders. Two are to wear around my neck in the front and one with a longer handle is to wear criss cross on the side. I almost never have pockets in my pants and sometimes need my phone close by so I will give this a try. Fast and easy to make –  now to give them a test drive!

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