Tutorial With Photos of Easy Zipper Bag

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I am going to make a second attempt at a tutorial for an easy zipper bag. There are lots more pics this time so I hope that helps.

Your supplies are: 2 pieces of fabric for outside (this bag is about 8 1/2″ x 10 1/2″ but it can be pretty much any size, 2 pieces of same sized fabric for the lining, 2 pieces of same sized flannel, a zipper at least the length of your bag and a zipper pull if you would like one.

The first step is quilting the top two pieces and the flannel together. Set the lining aside. It is not involved in this step. You can quilt straight lines, cross hatch, random lines or free motion quilting it all works.

Now for the only tricky part. You will be inserting the zipper and the lining at the same time. First size your zipper. Lay it across the width of your bag. Place a pin about 1/2″ from the end without the tab. Take it to your machine and stitch back and forth several times over the teeth. Cut the zipper the same size as the width of the bag.

Now take one lining piece and lay it on the table RIGHT SIDE UP. Place the zipper on the top edge of the lining RIGHT SIDE UP. Then place the top (quilted top) RIGHT SIDE DOWN on top of that. Pin all three layers together.


Using a zipper foot, stitch through all three layers. Now be sure to open it out and press both the front and the lining away from the zipper.

Now you are ready to repeat on the other side. Layer lining RIGHT SIDE UP. Place the zipper RIGHT SIDE UP. Now add the other top RIGHT SIDE DOWN. Pin all three layers and sew using the zipper foot. Press the lining and top away from the zipper. Now you are ready to topstitch about 1/8″ away from both sides of the zipper.


Now it is VERY important that you unzip the bag about two thirds of the way down.

Open the bag out flat. Your two tops will be together and your two linings will be together. Pin this closely. The bulk in the middle will naturally roll to one side or the other. Just be sure both sides are the same. Stitch using the edge of your presser foot or about a 1/2″ seam, leaving an opening at the lining end.


Trim the corners.

Turn the bag inside out. Use a turner to push out the edges of the bag. Then do the lining and give it a press. Sew your opening closed and place the lining inside the bag.

Add a zipper pull if you like.

And that is it. I have probably made twenty or more of these bags and find them to be great for all kinds of storage and they are certainly fun to personalize for gifts. Happy Sewing!

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