Two More Year End Finishes and Zipper Bags Too!

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This little monkey baby quilt has been sitting in a basket for over a year. Pieced, quilted and done!

This spider web quilt is made from vintage feedsacks. I wanted to make something special for the Piecemakers By The Bay series at the Aransas County Hustory Center in January and February. My period of research is the 1920’s – 1940’s with a focus on feedsacks.

This is a closeup of the back. Maybe you can see the quilting detail where I did a free form flower inside each spiderweb. The second photo is a close up of the block. There is nothing like a feedsack. I love working with them.

Then my niece wanted zipper bags to “match” her purses. So my priorities changed for the afternoon. Quick and easy and a nice break plus I love making things for my niece.



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