Two Necktie Purse Tutorial

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So today Mother and I were discussing Christmas gifts for some of her friends. I suggested she make some of the two-tie purses. They are quick, a novelty and we both certainly have the necktie collection.

So here is a photo tutorial of how to make a two tie purse.

Start with two neckties that are pleasing together and that are approximately the same width (length does not matter).

Set your machine for a satin stitch not too tight or it will bunch up your necktie. Start at the big tip end. Lay the ties side by side and stitch them together. Go down slightly past 17″.


Cut across the ties at 17″. Do not pick up the neckties. They will come apart! Pin the end together.


Zig zag across this cut end. You do not want it as close as the first step but secure enough to give you a finished edge.

Stitch across to secure. I do two close together rows of straight stitching.img_0702

Remove labels.


In this case one of the neckties was open almost all the way. I closed the opening by hand. Usually it is just open near the tip which I do close.


Now you will have to decide how much to fold up the bottom to form your purse. Try folding the tip side over and decide whether you want the tips over the edge or not. Usually the fold up is from 4.5 -6 inches up but it is your choice.


Fold up and pin. Before you sew you need to insert your cording for the purse handle. Sometimes I use small cording. Today I used rat tail cord which is quite thin so I doubled it. You need it to be about 42″ long or 84″ if doubled. Insert it right under your turned under finished edge.


Stitch down each side about 1/8″ away. Be sure you backstitch at each end.


Another view of both sides stitched.


This is the Velcro I used. You can certainly use sew in as you will cover it with a button or pin.


Place or sew your Velcro in place.


Glue  or sew a button, fabric flower or pin on top of purse. That is it. You are done.img_0434

This one I made for me. I got the Elvis ties at Graceland and used silver cording and a vintage button.

I hope you enjoy making lots of these two necktie purses. I did not have a pattern but I did buy me a similar purse back in the 80’s and deconstructed it for a pattern.



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