Working With The Plus Class Description and Supply List

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Here are just three of the plus quilts you will receive instructions for in this class.

The first quilt is my original design, the black and white (or two colors of your choice) is a row by row plus quilt and the last one is 5″ squares including five specialty blocks (I used old linens) that is an option. I have a cutting chart and a sewing chart for this one.

I can’t seem to stop making PLUS quilts and tweaking them so I bring more for inspiration. It is possible to make the simple two color plus quilt top in class. The others require more time and explanation but you can certainly make a good start on them in this three hour class.

SUPPLY LIST: Sewing machine, basic sewing supplies, rotary cutter and ruler, thread.

If you want to make the Modern Plus Quilt (white background in picture): 2 1/2 yards of background fabric, 12 – 20 large scraps for plus blocks or fat quarters work well. ( 3 1/2 yards backing fabric, 1/2 yard binding fabric)

If you want to make the black and white plus quilt top you will need: 1 1/4 yard white or background fabric of your choice, 1 yard black or your choice for plus blocks. (1 1/2 yards backing fabric, 1/2 yard binding fabric)

For the third plus quilt which uses 5″ squares you will need scraps large enough to cut 5-6 pieces of 5″ square from the same fabric and some small post it notes. ¬†There is a method of cutting these out and marking them with post it notes that will make sewing it together a breeze. If you want to insert any specialty fabrics (old linens, painted fabric, photo fabric, etc. ) you will need 5 sets of 5″ squares (there are 5 specialty plusses). If you do not want specialty plusses just keep going with the scraps.

Note: many students think they will save time and just bring charm packs. First of all you will have to buy 5 of them to get the 5 alike you need and it is very frustrating and time consuming to sort them. It is much faster to bring 5″ squares, scraps or 5″ strips of fabrics. There are 304 – ¬†5″ squares in this quilt top.


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